Tuesday, 23 October 2012

a tin shed...

Harold has started on a new project. Having taken inspiration from an exhibit seen at the Internal Fire Museum he has started by building a base and one side. It is to contain our spare lister d petrol engine and a lister household pump. See the picture of the example at the internal fire as this is the easiest way of explaining what will be achieved!


Today the stone/gravel was delivered for the Lockgate display. The lorry weighing in at 26 tonnes gently reversed on to the grass and tipped the load (16 tonnes) onto a sheet ready for dispersing either by hand or with a mini digger when one is to be on site soon for other work.

If you have a spare shovel come along on a Sunday and give a hand!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

lock gates

Having kindly received a grant from Somerset Industrial Archeological Society (SIAS) and with help from some of their members we set about putting gravel boards and weed suppressant around the Langport Lock Gates situated at the entrance to the museum. 

14mm limestone chippings have been ordered to be spread around next week to improve the look and maintenance of the gates. We then hope to produce an interpretation board to help visitors understand their use within the River Parrett.

Watch this space for images of chippings and boards! Many thanks to the SIAS members that attended today to help out and make the job much quicker than previously anticipated.