Wednesday, 19 December 2012

the big steam test!

Today saw the steam test part of the annual boiler certificate. All was lit at about 11am and the boiler slowly raised to steam by about 1pm. Safety valves were adjusted until just lifting at 50psi as the pressure slowly crept upwards. After throwing lots of wood on and opening up the fire the pressure was increased to ensure the safety valves were set to keep up.

At 2.30pm the inspector arrived and had a look around, was happy that everything was good for another year so job done! And whilst we were at it rather than waste all that heat some spuds went in the firebox for our lunch!

Hope to see you on New Year's Day for the steam up where the West Huntspill Model Engineers will be running a steam loco on their 5" gauge portable railway being set up at the museum! Perfect for the kids and parents alike!

Monday, 10 December 2012

blocked pipe

This weekend saw the review of the wood burner in the tea room. Although the chimney never drew particularly well, it had got so bad it wasn't even worth lighting!

After removing the twin wall flue a visual inspection of the link pipe made out of 4" pipe, it was clear where the problem was. The pipe running horizontally had become completely blocked with soot and carbon deposits. After a good deal of scraping and cleaning out the fire was lit and an improvement seen immediately. Stainless flue put back and the fire was truly roaring!

Should be good to go for the New Year's Day steaming!