Saturday, 31 August 2013


The last day of block laying for a while! The final courses of the external skin have been completed along with the decorative soldier course of reclaimed brickwork over the opening lintels. The walls are now ready to accept the roof trusses and these will be ordered in the next week. Once on site scaffolding will be erected, the trusses lifted into position, felt and battened. The gable will then be built to the trusses.

Monday, 26 August 2013


The walls have made it! This Sunday gone the wall plates were bedded onto the inside skin of block work. The steel cavity lintels have been built in over all the openings and now all that is needed before putting the truss roof on is four more courses of block work on the out side skin which will be completed this coming weekend. 

On Monday we were in steam and although I have no photos from the steaming I have this nice photo of the oil lamp in the Easton Engine room as we were shutting up! 

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Progress so far...

The video here... gives a guided tour of the work completed so far on the facilities extension. If you can help out in anyway we would appreciate any help with building work and financial support via. our buy a brick appeal. Email me at for further information.

Monday, 19 August 2013

The great concrete wall of Westonzoyland

Further block work this past weekend has got the toilet wall up to wall plate height along its length. The other walls are a bit slower to build as they have a few openings and require steel lintels to be built in. In order to conceal the straps that have to be used to tie the wall plate down we are placing these on the cavity side as the block work is faced on the inside and will be painted. The external skin is left rough as it will be rendered. Next weekend further work will be completed in order to get a final measurement for the truss roof. We need to get the shell completed and water tight before the winter. 

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Facilities Extension on the Rise

It's been a busy weekend with the block layer attending on both Saturday and Sunday to get started on putting up the building shell. By the end of the weekend, the inner leaf of the external wall was raised by six blocks meaning only five more on top will be required to get it to wall plate height (next weekends job). Some outer skin was completed with the full fill insulation but more will be done on that later. The aim is to get the externals up, wall plate attached so we can put the roof trusses on. Once water tight and secure we can build the internal walls up and make the connections through to the existing tea room. If anyone fancies a 7.30 am start helping the block layer next weekend give me a shout!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Lots of Sleepers

A second load of 60 steel sleepers have been collected with another load of 80 to get. This load has been taken to a members workshop where they could each be clamped in a bench vice. The reason being that every sleeper had at least one coach bolt and special track clip, these needed to be removed in order for them to be re-used and make it easier to stack the sleepers. 70% of them were undone but the rest required cutting off meaning that only the clip could be saved. Next job is to tackle the other 60 sleepers in store at the museum and to begin thinking about producing some lengths of track panels.