Wednesday, 21 November 2012

re-filling holes!

Two days spent digging holes for the new Facilities Extension was quickly reversed in 15 minutes by filling them back in with Concrete! On Tuesday a delivery of 6m3 of Gen3 Concrete was delivered by S.Morris of Taunton. Much to our delight the operator managed to make it wet enough for the majority of the concrete to flow around the whole length of the foundation with only about 4/5 barrow loads being needed to be moved by hand.

Metal levelling pegs were inserted in the bottom of the footing before pouring. The left over 0.3m3 was used to pour a base for the path from the level crossing. Due to the rain it was decided to spread this out to allow for a top finish of paving slabs at some point rather than battle to tamp it smooth and level.

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