Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The work continues...

The list of jobs grows longer and the volunteers keep going through them. What with the good weather the grass needs regularly cutting, railway needs weed killing and general tidying required. 

The larger deep well pump progresses slowly. A base of block work was put in, this will be covered with a steel sheet and the pump sat on top. This will stop leaves and animals dropping into the tank and dying! The outlet will return via. a slope and a mesh screen. Once the base is completed and the pump installed thoughts will turn to mounting the electric motor to drive it.

With all the weed killing came a great excuse to pull the entire wood train out of the siding to gain access. The picture of the whole lot on the main line is below. Also as a bit of teaser,  picture from the computer screen showing some of the graphics that may be applied to the box van. It is now all painted awaiting its roof to be fibreglassed. Pictures of this remain locked away so that when it is revealed on the railway it is a surprise! Watch this space...

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