Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Oiling Up

Things are still progressing amongst the raft of steamings over these pleasant summer months. Over a year ago the Trust had the opportunity to buy a Castrol Oiling Station commonly seen in old fuel forecourts when cars required continuos supplies and in farm yards to keep machinery operating. After purchasing it, the oil reservoirs were found to be in bad condition and had rusted through from the outside. Plans were put on hold until a member decided to sort it out. He got so fed up with never finding any oil cans or any oil in them it was time to take action!

The results as can be seen are stunning. The three tanks were taken out, replaced with three 25litre oil tubs. A frame was made to keep these in place and the front cover when in the lowered position covers them up. One tank supplies 20/50 engine oil, the other a steam compound bearing oil and the other a thick grade steam oil. Push the levers up and down and out comes the oil into the can! A collection of new and restored oil cans have been labeled up in there respective oils. Another member has used some artistic licence to alter an old Castrol logo from 'motor oil' to 'steam oil' and cut it on a vinyl cutter. The old butter churn had also seen a coat of paint and a label. This is used as a 'chamber' for collecting old oil. When the engines with sumps find the oil has too much water in it and it has gone very thick, it doesn't want to come out of the drain tap so a vacuum cleaner is attached to the milk churn and the hose is then put in the oil. The vacuum supplies the suck and the churn the place to dump the old oil. 

The large lister deep well has seen its base frame and pump tube fitted over the tank previously cast in concrete in the ground. Work will now see this frame fixed down and the rest of the pump assembled. Once this is completed the electric drive motor will be sorted out and connected up!

Other work has been going on replacing rotting timber work. A new frame and door has been made to replace the old coal shute door in the pump room. This is in kit form and will now be fitted. The new shutters on the forge have been primed awaiting a top coat of Buckingham green.

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