Sunday, 20 October 2013

Trimming + Appeal

Well today was at times a wet one but between the showers the volunteers managed to get a few jobs done! John was busy cutting the edge of the bank where the reeds had begun to creep towards the grass. This was then later loaded onto empty railway wagons and sent down the line to be dumped. 

Graham has made further progress with his pump putting the main pulley wheel and drive gears in place. It turns beautifully and will I am sure be a great exhibit when finished. 

Bill has been busy with the paint brush, the boiler is now finished in a fine deep red! It looks stunning and will now be fitted with mirror finish stainless securing bands.

Elsewhere some new signs have appeared on the Westonzoyland Light Railway! With Jason's vinyl cutter all those little sign jobs are slowly being completed. A stop, look, listen sign has been added to the level crossing and one whistle sign installed on the approach to it. This will of course be followed with others as time goes on.

The truss roof has also been delivered, this was supplied by Crendon Timber Engineering for a very good price. Hopefully we can get this up soon however.... We are I'm desperate need of scafolding! Do you know anyone who might be able to lend the Trust scafolding to do 3 x 7m runs with one lift. It would need to be for a few months over the winter in order for us to get the roof on, water tight, tiled and all timber work completed. If you can help please contact me at

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