Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Well this Sunday gone turned out to be rather cold! With the threats of flooding and some temporary road closures earlier in the week around the museum it seemed to spur volunteers on to make an appearance just to say they could make it! Most of the day was spent watching the environment agency play around with 6 pumps next door! Along side the permanent diesel pump station they had put in place 5 temporary diesel powered pumps to take excess water from the rhyne back into the river parrett. This was not due to water on the Westonzoyland and Middlezoy section of moor but because Westonzoyland and Andersea areas on the other side of lake wall were a bit full. They were therefore pumping it from one moor to another and then at the pumping station taking it back into the river. 

The newly painted WZLR open wagon returned, it is still to receive lettering down the side but due to the current air temperatures vinyl stickers don't stick very well! This job wil be done when ambient temperatures allow. It runs very well and looks the part with the box van.

The temporary chimney has been removed, flat packed and ready for the scrap man, the second temporary chimney is work in progress. It will be made from 600mm spiral wound galvanised ducting. It needs attaching to a steel flange that has been cut off the condemed original chimney before being pulled into place. This should hopefully last two years whilst we work out costs and apply for funding to replace it properly. 

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  1. The Environmental Agency should have given the museum a big pile of coal and got you lot to do it!