Saturday, 5 January 2013

Sandfields Pumping Station - Show Your Support

I have just received an email from David Moore who has asked me to post this:

Sandfields Pumping Station in Lichfield is a unique heritage site; however at this moment in time it is lacking public support. To save this valuable site is not a complicated process, it does not need vast amounts of money, or does it need a vast amount of your precious time, it only a show of needs public support.

It needs people to say, in a loud and clear voice 'It is worth saving'; you can do this by simply saying so. Visit my blog, write a comment, visit some of the links, register an interest, it's as simple as that.


David Moore

To find out more about this impressive pumping station and show your support please visit the blog at some images are below but you can see the whole set here at

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