Sunday, 24 February 2013

Westonzoyland Navvies

Today saw the movement of precisely 16.44 tonnes of hardcore into the base of the extension. A front loader tractor would be ideal for this however one was not available! Bring on the Westonzoyland Navvies, our volunteers shovelled and barrowed all 16+ tonnes from the pile into the base. The petrol wacker plate then dealt with compaction! As can be seen in the pictures they were so keen they even put the rest of the sand in to start the blinding layer.

More sand will be delivered this week and we can finish blinding, a dpm (damp proof membrane) will then be laid, on top of that 100mm of insulation will be installed, hopefully completed by end of play next Sunday. Check back here to see whether we still have any volunteers willing to help!

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