Wednesday, 6 March 2013

WZLR Box Van

Well things have moved on since the completion of the overall chassis. All the pipe work for the air brakes has been completed and tested. The timbers for the base have been bolted on and the frame work and initial stainless steel panels have been cut and erected. The project is awaiting the availability of some aluminium angle to finish the corners. All the panels will be bolted with m6 coach bolts to give a rivet detail.

2/3 of the vehicle will form a secure box van for tool storage and will have a side door and door from the other 1/3 which will be a veranda for carrying the guard! This will feature the emergency air brake release valve and the hand brake for parking.

It is hoped to complete the van by Steam on the Levels in May and get it transported over. However watch this space!

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