Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Having had a break from working on the box van a recent spell of work has now progressed it nicely. The rest of the body was completed. This might seem easy with the large panels that are forming it, however stainless steel is an awkward metal to work with. Coupled with the fact these sheets have two sheets sandwiching a polystyrene sheet. When cutting with a jigsaw one sheet has to be cut, the panel turned over and the second sheet cut. Cut too quickly and the stainless heats up, work hardens and rips all the teeth off the blade! Same goes when drilling, the aluminium channel that it sits in requires fast drilling speed and then has to be slowed for the stainless to ensure the drill bit survives!

Once the body was completed the tanalised timber decking was added and now awaits aluminium angle edging for the veranda entrances and door ways. The roof will be formed from rolled steel bar fixed to two timber wall plates, tanalised t&g planks with a fibreglass external finish leaving the timber exposed internally.

The pictures are not great as the light is poor in the workshop now the box van is so big!

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