Sunday, 21 April 2013

Bits and pieces

Today our member who is restoring the large deep well pump was discovered 6ft down a hole! Although a start had been made with a mechanical digger the hole needed to be twice the depth without the diameter, so hand digging it was! Once deep enough a 6" pad of concrete was poured to sit a blue plastic drum to form the 'deep well'. Once filled with water it will back filled with concrete and rubble before being capped off and the pump plinth cast over the top.

We are still looking for a suitable single phase 3hp motor to drive it...

Also the boiler building had some timber frame added and 3 sheets of tin secured to it! This will form one wall of the boiler cabin it is replacing. Next job is to prepare to build the rest so that we can be in the position to remove the old one first.

Another section of boiler cladding has also been applied, just one more section over the firebox to go. Results will be posted once the next steamings are over on the 6th&7th and hopefully our fuel consumption will reduce dramatically!

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