Sunday, 28 April 2013

Not so deep wells

Today the deep well pump 'well' was being constructed. Last week we cast a 6" concrete slab in the hole and now we have sat the tank on that slab, filled it with water and poured a fair few mixes of concrete around the tank. Some shuttering was used to contain it all. Once this has gone off some pipe work will connect it to the fresh water system that the other deep well and the water wheel operate on. This is a complicated bit of design that would take far to long to explain here but needless to say the water in the tanks get changed slowly over a period of turning all the pumps on and off.

We will then build up either a cast concrete base or a block work base with brick skin ready to sit the pump on. An electric motor has been donated by a volunteer that is rated at 2hp and graham who has rebuilt the pump is going to design and machine a suitable flat belt pulley to go on the motor.

Watch this space! And whilst we had the concrete mixer out another two sleepers were poured. Total now stands at 12 with another 12 to go before running our of rebar.

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