Sunday, 14 April 2013


Today has been all about cladding! With the boiler receiving its overcoat the need to protect it from the rain becomes greater. The end gable had been framed with timber but needed finishing with cladding. With some vertical t&g, fascia board and some artistic flair the gable end was completed, some 6x2 timber was also bolted on to form a fascia for fixing guttering to later. Now this is complete we will start to frame up the new boiler cabin ready to remove the old one from inside!

Plus some work was done to some display boards. These board were put up many years ago, the backing was of mdf and surprising they lasted this long. Most had fallen off in the last year so were are re backing them with ecoboard which is a 18mm thick sheet of recycled plastic. This will never rot and as the sun doesn't get to it won't break down in the sun!

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  1. External cladding offers thermal input that can be precisely controlled thus yielding minimal dilution and a small heat affected area as compared to weldign . The Maren Clad process results in a fine grain structure of cladded material offering a high resistance to corrosion and superior wear properties. The metallurgical bond is impervious to peeling.